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Advanced Testing

Excellent Care

We offer advanced testing to all of our patients, in order to prevent health risks and manage health issues.

We base our patient care on these advanced tests – specifically targeting diabetes and cardiovascular risk reduction through an aggressive, holistic plan of diet, exercise and proper medication. 

Prevent. Heal. Take control.

Taking small steps to improving your overalll health.

Only one percent of doctors in the United States utilize advanced testing

We are proud to be a part of that small percentage and are working hard to educate other physicians on the importance of these tests. Below are a few of the advanced tests offered at Cardiovascular Health Solutions:

What to Expect

Your health - now and in the future - is our priority. It’s our goal to reduce your health risks and tackle any of your current health issues as soon as possible,  but to do so, we have to work together.

When you meet with us for the first time at Cardiovascular Health Solutions, we’ll go over your initial evaluation and draw blood for your lab work. Once we receive the results, we’ll go over everything together so you know exactly where you stand.

Then it's time for a game plan

You’ll work with our doctors, dietician and staff to follow appropriate changes in diet, exercise and medication when necessary. Three months later, we’ll re-evaluate your progress.

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